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Ludwigshafen, 10.10.2010

Hermann Luyken, Generation 12, Ref.Nr. 12-054a (BK0984) Branch WB-O

Father: Walter Luyken
Mother: Elisabeth Hülsmann

Spouse: Mireya Bustillos

Hermann Luyken (*1959)
Walter Luyken (*1960)
Elisabeth Luyken (*1962)

Born: 29.11.1930 in Mexico City

Married 31.5.1958 in Mexico City

Location: Germersheim (Rheinland Pfalz, Germany)

Occupation: Television technician (retired)

Hermann jr., Elisabeth, Mireya,
Hermann and Walter

Stammbaum Hermann Luyken

Hendrich Luyken
(ca. 1550-1607)

Hermann Luyken

Johannes Luyken

Daniel I Luyken

Daniel II Luyken

Daniel III Luyken

Johann Arnold Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Otto Luyken

Hermann Luyken

Walter Luyken

Hermann Luyken

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Biography Hermann Luyken

Hermann was born on 29.11.1930 in Mexico City. There he went to the German school where he made the first three school years. 1939 he was brought to Germany where he was supposed to go on with school and learn German better. Then it was cheap to come to Germany as the land needed foreign exchange. He stayed at his grandparents Hermann and Julie in Wuppertal-Vohwinkel. There he went to primary (Volksschule) and secondary school (Oberrealschule).

Two months after Elisabeth had arrived visiting Germany World War II broke out. Walter, who was in Mexico, sent a telegraph telling her Hermann should stay in Germany and she and the two other children, Hans and Walter, should return to Mexico. Nobody thought the war would last for long. But this wasn't true. As the communications with Mexico were severed, the parents learnt only 1946, after the war was over, that the son and the grandparents had survived. Thereafter Hermann could return to Mexico in July 1946.

The war was a difficult time, so in Vohwinkel. As long as there was school Hermann went to it. Joining the DJ (Deutsche Jugend = German Youth) with 10 years and later the Navy-HJ (Hitler Jugend) with 14 years was compulsory. It didn't matter that he argued he was a Mexican citizen. Under German law he was German. After Wuppertal was surrounded by American forces he was ordered to the army and to register in a city outside Wuppertal. He ignored the order as did his superiors who had brought the order because to do so meant breaking the American lines.

A year after the end of war he went back to Mexico. Walter organized the return through the Mexican Foreign Ministry. The return trip took two months as the communications were very bad. First he went to Paris where he had to wait for a month for an opportunity on a ship. Then he sailed from Le Havre to New York City in a ship for American troops. After that he went on to Mexico City by bus which took six days. At the border with Mexico he had to produce his Mexican passport. The officers laughed at him as he didn't speak Spanish any more.

Once in Mexico City he met his sister Helga for the first time who was to become 5 in a couple of days. When she saw him for the first time she ran to him and kissed him. Then he went on to the German school where he had to learn Spanish again. After a year he left school to help his parents in the deli they owned. After another year he had to look after his father's cowshed after he had bought a bigger one. Both cowsheds were joined later and Hermann started as a practicant in a chicken farm and worked later in his father's poultry farm. One part of the poultry farm was in Mexico City, the other 70 kms far away on the country. Hermann first managed the farm on the country but afterwards he was needed in the city.

1957 he got to know his later wife Mireya and became independent after marrying. In Cuautla, Morelos he became co-owner of a poultry farm. There his two sons Hermann and Walter were born. Mireya wouldn't bear the hot climate, so they returned to Mexico City. Once there they opened a radio and television repairing workshop which they owned for several decades. Daughter Elisabeth was born in Mexico City.

1990 they retired and helped Hermann's mother Elisabeth to manage her assets. A couple of years before that they had begun building a house in the country near the city of Querétaro where they moved after Elisabeth's death. After all children had emmigrated to Germany they came frequently visiting and now live most of the year in Germersheim near Ludwigshafen/Mannheim.

Germersheim, 3.10.2005

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Picture Gallery Hermann Luyken

Mexico City, 1.3.1931
Elisabeth, Hermann and Walter

Mexico City, ca. 1931

Mexico City, 23.7.1933
Hans and Hermann

Cuautla, Mexico, February 1935
Mexico City, ca. 1935
Hermann and Hans

Schwäbisch Hall, 31.5.2002
Hans and Hermann

On the rear side:
March 1937
Aunt "Henkel", Elli's friend. The others you should know. Taken in our garden-estate in St. Angel. German: Holy angel.

Mexico City, March 1937
Mrs. Henkel, Walter, Hermann
Hans and Hermann

Mexico City, March 1937
Hermann and Hans

On the rear side:
March 1937
On the garden-estate. The old Germans always were thirsty and ? ? ? the youngsters.

March 1938
Hans and Hermann

Königsforst bei Bonn, 1939
Elisabeth, Walter, Hermann,
Hans and Elisabeths Vater

Vohwinkel (Wuppertal), ca. 8.1939
Hermann and Walter

Vohwinkel (Wuppertal), ca. 1942

Paris, Juli 1946
Während der Rückkehr nach Mexico
nach dem Krieg

Acapulco, Mexico, 1946
Zurück in der Heimat
Hans and Hermann

Mexico City, ca. 1946

Hacienda San Francisco de Paula,
Mexico, ca. 1948
Heidi Bauer, Hermann and Helga

Mexico, ca. 1949

Mexico City, ca. 1949

Hacienda San Francisco de Paula,
Mexico, ca. 1950
Hermann and Rafaela

Mexico, ca. 1954
Climbing the Popocatépetel
Hermann 2nd from left

Mexico City, ca. 1955
Voluntary helper at the Red Cross

Mexico, 1957/1958
Mireya and Hermann

Mexico City, 31.5.1958
Father-in-law Alonso Bustillos,

Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico
ca. 1960
As a young father

Hacienda San Francisco de Paula,
Mexico, ca. 1967
Walter and Hermann

Mexico City, 1971
Bei der Kommunion der Kinder
Mireya and Hermann

Mexico City, 28.12.1975
Helga, Hermann,
Elisabeth and Hans

Mexico City, ca. 1980
Mireya and Hermann

Burg an der Wupper, 24.5.1983
Hermann and Mireya

Garmisch Partenkirchen, 30.5.1983
Mireya and Hermann

Mexico City, November 1985
In working attire

Querétaro, Mexico, January 1988
Ingrid, Mireya and Hermann

Mexico City, 1989
Familiy meeting
Irma, Elisabeth, S., Helga
Robert, Hans, Mireya, Ingrid,
Hermann, Elisabeth

Speyer, 31.5.2001
Married for 43 years
Mireya and Hermann

Germersheim, 30.5.2004
Hermann, Mireya, Hermann and Walter

Germersheim, 6.1.2006
Helga and Hermann

Germersheim, 22.11.2007

Niagara Falls, 7.4.2008
Hans, Hermann,
Mireya, Helga and Irma

Speyer, 31.5.2008
Golden wedding celebration

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