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Helene van Woelderen (1927-1998)
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Ludwigshafen, 26.4.2009

Helene van Woelderen, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-162 (BK0885) Branch WL EL

Born: 20.8.1927 in Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Died: ?.2.1998 in ? (Age: 69 years)

Occupation: Social psychologist, author of esoterical books, astrologist

Father: Carel Albert van Woelderen
Mother: Cecilia Sprenger

Spouse: Willem Koppejan
Married: 3.4.1970 in England

Biography Helene van Woelderen

Dutch astrologist who lived in England. Her husband, Willem Koppejan, was also astrologist and researcher, specialized in the symbolistic of the degrees of the zodiac conbined with the Sabian symbols of Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar together with approaches mostly esoterical of the same domain, as for example those from the Frenchman Janduz. They wrote together and separately. Their works were written and translated mainly into these two languages, Dutch and English and to my knowledge not in French. Together they founded the "Library of Avalon" in Glastonbury in 1977 during the last two years of Willen Koppejan's life. Helene Koppejan-van Wolederen proposed then a certain number of activities around the idea of what was called the "Glastonbury Experience", a yearly manifestation which turned and grew around the Avalon myth and its fairies, well known specialists from King Arthur and the Graal collection. It is often a hommage to the Déesse Mère (Goddess worship).

Original text:
Astrologue hollandaise vivant en Angleterre. Son mari, Willem Koppejan, était lui aussi astrologue et chercheur, spécialisé dans la symbolique des degrés du Zodiaque combinant les symboles Sabian de Marc Edmund Jones et Dane Rudhyar avec d’autres approches surtout ésotériques du même domaine, comme par exemple celle du français Janduz. Ils ont écrit ensemble et séparément. Leurs œuvres sont écrites et traduites surtout dans ces deux langues, le hollandais et l'anglais et à ma connaissance pas en français. Ils ont monté ensemble la « Library of Avalon » à Glastonbury, en 1977, pendant les deux dernières années de la vie de Willem Koppejan. Helene Koppejan-van Woelderen propose maintenant un certain nombre d’activités autour de l’idée de ce qui s’appelle la « Glastonbury Experience », manifestation annuelle qui tourne et s'élargit autour de la mythique Avalon et de ses fées bien connues des spécialistes du Roi Arthur et de la quête du Graal. C'est souvent un hommage à la Déesse Mère.

Source: Rudhyar Ipséité (French)

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Book "Strange Parallel"

Book "Beeldgids van de dierenriem"

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The Glastonbury Trust

The background of the charity goes all the way back to 1962, when a Dutch couple, Willem and Helene Koppejan, set up a charity in Holland to publish and spread books, brochures and correspondence courses in the domain of cosmology and religion. Their interests were astrology, Christianity and the lost tribes of Israel. Willem and Helene bought a house in Glastonbury and set up an English charity in 1968, The Real Israel Press, to publish and distribute literature for the advancement of religion. In 1978, the couple bought three retail properties at the foot of Glastonbury High St, which they converted into a complex of shops and function rooms called The Glastonbury Experience. Willem died in 1979 and Helene continued the development of the Experience in conjunction with a wide variety of other people. The shops had an arts and crafts focus originally, although over the years this was to change, reflecting Glastonbury’s development as a centre for contemporary spirituality.

The Glastonbury Experience operated at a financial loss for many years, much of which was paid for from Helene’s private funds. In 1987, Helene met Barry Taylor, a management and financial consultant based in London, with a strong interest in spirituality. Barry agreed to visit Glastonbury once a week to supervise the running of the Glastonbury Experience and put in place a management plan that turned the business around over the next few years. Barry duly moved to Glastonbury and in 1994 Glastonbury Courtyard Ltd was formed to own and manage the Glastonbury Experience with the shares owned equally by Barry and Helene.

In 1992, a new charity had been set up by Barry and Helene, The Glastonbury Trust, whose objects were to benefit the public through the advancement of religion and education generally. The Trust took over the assets of The Real Israel Press when that charity was closed down. In 1997, Barry and Helene made an agreement that in the event of either of their deaths, Glastonbury Courtyard Ltd and the ownership of the Glastonbury Experience would pass to the new charity. They stated in the agreement that where possible the Glastonbury Trust should pursue a policy of "offering help, guidance, teaching, training and healing on all aspects of spiritual growth and ecological awareness".

Helene Koppejan died in February 1998 and the Glastonbury Experience duly passed into the ownership of The Glastonbury Trust along with other properties owned by Helene. The present incorporated charity, The Glastonbury Trust Ltd was registered in 1999 to receive all the assets of The Glastonbury Trust.

The charity has funded both ecological and spiritually oriented projects in the Glastonbury area, including sustainable housing, organic horticulture and spiritual development. In April 2003, trustees agreed that the core educational subjects for the Trust to advance should be.

• Social and community advancement
• Sustainable development - learning to create quality of life
• Preservation and improvement of the environment
• Culture, arts and heritage
• Religious studies
• Human ecology

In March 2004, trustees agreed to adopt a policy of promoting experiential spirituality within education, which was not intended to preclude the charity from making donations towards other core subjects, but would provide a clear focus for the bulk of the Trust’s activities. This policy is reflected in the projects detailed elsewhere in the website of the Glastonbury Trust.

Source: Glastonbury Trust

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