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Wilhelm Benoit (1826-1914)
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Ludwigshafen, 1.5.2011

Eduard Wilhelm Franz Benoit, Generation 9, Ref.Nr. 09-004s (BK1280)

Born: 12.8.1826 in Märkisch-Friedland (Germany)
Died: 3.3.1914 in Karlsruhe (Germany) (Age: 87 years)

Occupation: Privy government building officer

Father: Johann Karl Ludwig Benoit (* 15.1.1792, Regenwalde; † 4.4.1850 Märkisch-Friedland)
Mother: Henriette Herrlinger (* 9.7.1795, Stargard I.P.; † 19.9.1855 Stargard I.P.)

1. Spouse: Emma Luyken
Married: 6.6.1867 in Wesel (Germany)

Georg Benoit (1868-1953)

2. Spouse: Emma Schultz (1848 - after 1909)
Married: 2.3.1877 in ?

• Daughter (1877-1877)

Biography Wilhelm Benoit

• 1867 he worked in Wesel as building official of the county
• 1870 in Siegen as construction inspector
• 1872 in Swinemünde as portuary cosntruction inspector
• 1875 in Köslin as government construction official
• 1891 he lived in Berlin-Charlottenburg
• 1903 he worked in Karlsruhe as a civil engineer

Governemt building officer Wilhelm Benoit died on 3.3.1914 in Karlsruhe in Baden at an old age. He was born on 12th August 1826 in Märkisch-Friedland (Germany). He was raised in Stargard in Pomerania, where he went to the local grammar school and later dedicated himself to architecture. After graduating as a field surveyor and later working at the Stargard-Posen Railway under Hartwich, he went to the Royal General Architecture School in Berlin. Here he was a meber of the choral society Motiv, which was founded at that time.

After graduating as a civil engineer, Benoit assumed the project leadership on the construction of an avenue from Greifenhagen to Bahn begun by J. W. Schwedler and was later involved from 1850 to 1852 in the construction of the canal from the Vistula River to the Nogat at the Montauer Spitze. He worked several months as a master builder for waterways, roads and railways at the construction of an auxiliary prison in Pyritz in Pomerania and later went to the Cologne-Minden Railway Company to Cologne to work at the construction of the first Rhine Bridge under the management of Lohse. Here worked also Dirksen, the later constructor of the Berlin City Tram.

In mid-1858 Benoit resigned from bridge construction and took over the direction of the construction of a section of the railway from Deutz to Gießen. After a half-year journey to Austria, Switzerland and Italy, Benoit returned in 1862 to Berlin to prepare for the examination in agronomical construction, but also worked at the levelling from Mülheim on the Ruhr to Bielefeld, assigned by the Rhine-Weser Channel Society. In Spetembar 1868 he was appointed district construction official in Wesel and graduated in April 1864 as an agronomical civil engineer.

During his administration in Wesel, Benoit was involved in many public affairs and founded the local chamber of commerce of which he became president. In January 1872 he moved from Wesel to Swinemünde as portuary construction inspector and experienced in this position on 12./13. November 1872 the storm surge at the Baltic, which was one of the worst of all known (1307, 1625, 1694 and 1784). In July 1875 Benoit was appointed to the Governmental and Official Civil Engineering Site at the Royal Government in Köslin. - Benoit was member of the Reichstag for Köslin-Kolberg from 1895 to 1898.

Benoit documented his vast own experiences and the history of his family, which originated in France, in a captivating, exceptional book, from which the preceding information was extracted.

Source: Zentralblatt der Bauverwaltung, 34th Year 1914, Nr. 25 (from 28.3.1914), page 200 (German)

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