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Wilhelm te Paerdt (1781-?)
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Ludwigshafen, 3.2.2008

Johann Theodor te Paerdt, Generation 7, Ref.Nr. 08-035sf (BK1900) (Relatives of spouses)

Father: Johann Diderich te Paerdt
Mother: Christina Elisabeth Tendering

Spouse: Annette Kumpsthoff

Bertha te Peerdt (1823-1879)

Born: 8.11.1781 in Dinslaken (Germany)
Died: ? in ? (Age: ? years)

Married: 2.6.1803? in Dinslaken (Germany)

Occupation: Attorney and justice commissionary in Dinslaken (Germany)

Biography Wilhelm te Paerdt

Johann Wilhelm Theodor te Paerdt, also: te Peerdt, te Peert, te Perret, The Peert etc., was born in Dinslaken on 8.11.1781 and baptized there protestant on 14th of the same month. He went to grammar school in Moers and was immatriculated at the University of Duisburg in 1800. He became attorney and justice commissionary in his birth town and was the son of Johann Diderich te Paerdt, who first was state court council and later Kreiseinnehmer(?) in Dinslaken and his wife Christina Elisabeth Tendering, who had her forebears in the House of Mehrum.

Johann Wilhelm Theodor te Paerdt married protestant in Dinslaken on 2.6.183 (?) Antoinette Anna Wilhelmina Kumpsthoff, who was also from Dinslaken. She was born on 19.12.1787 and baptized on the second Christmas Day in Dinslaken. She was the daughter of Lambert Henrich Kumpsthoff, estate owner in Dinslaken and lord of House and Estate Bönninghausen near Eickel, and of his wife Johanna Sybilla Elisabeth Haase, who was from Wesel.

Source: Information by Johannes von Dahl

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