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Ludwigshafen, 16.5.2009

Art Courses with
Anja Weyer

Girls and boys with an interest in art can take courses alreadys while in kindergarden at Anja Weyer's studio and later change to the school children's courses. Thus they can enjoy a thorough art education until they graduate from school.

All people are naturally crative. If they make use of this creativeness depends on their life circumstances and on their own perception, says the Wismar artist who runs an art studio for painting and graphics since 2003. In her studio children and youngsters get the opportunity to learn new things, to deepen their knowledge about known themes, to try unknown things and gather new experiences as well as to develop trust in the own crative power and give the own fantasy free space.

Here they get to know the most different materials and techniques as graphite, charcoal, several colors and printing techniques as well as modelling or building objects.

Once a year the proud young artists present their works at the Anja's art gallery.

On Wednesdays there is also a morning and an evening course for adults. During the courses up to 10 children and youngsters or adults work once a week for 90 minutes in the bright studio at Bliedenstraße 36 in Wismar.

Those who are interested can contact:

Anja Weyer
Bliedenstr. 36
23966 Wismar
Tel.: +49 3841 212640
E- Mail:

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