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Ludwigshafen, 25.3.2009

"Mom is our example to follow": On behlaf of her 101st birthday Liselotte Hetzer received the congratulations of her daughters Doris Schmidt (r.) and Ruth Budelmann. The old lady has three children, ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

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on behalf of her 101st birthday

Thüringer Landeszeitung
Weimar, 22.3.2009

"Liselotte? No, that is a horse's name". The pastor reacted upset as Liselotte Hetzer was going to be christened. And named the girl "Elisabeth Charlotte" which could not avert that she would be called "Liselotte" for life. On Sunday the former little girl celebrated her 101st birthday as a buoyant, content old lady who is thankful for all the good things live has confronted her with and still does.

Born and raised in Stolberg, she moved 1948 to Merseburg where she worked as a teacher until her retirement. "She was always child-friendly and a good educator. She was sympathetic with those who had made a false step," remembers her daughter Doris Schmidt, who brought her to Weimar six years ago.

Liselotte Schmidt moved into a tiny two-room apartment on the Amalien Street #11 where she can benefit from the ssisted-living offer and accepted this change with great optimism. At first, as both daughters report, she even rode the train alone at her 95 years to Merseburg. She quickly acquired the affection of people around her: The nurses as well as the neighbours - Liselotte Hetzer is appreciated for never being ill-humored, having a sense of humor and appreciating simple things as a small flower at the wayside. "Our mother really is a great example to follow. Up to now she keeps posture", tells Doris Schmidt, who yesterday also could welcome Lord Mayor Stefan Wolf as a congartulant.

Source: Thüringer Zeitung (German)

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