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  • Ludwigshafen, 23.6.2006

    Limerick, Christmas 1947

    The tyring days are over
    we reach the hands
    and merrily say good-bye
    it just was all too nice!

    Like in a fairy tale
    time went over
    we enjoyed merry and unannoyed
    what your love gave to us.

    With fresh strength and rested to the best
    we're going home to our own nest
    but let's not be false
    we will miss many a thing.

    The nice home so sweet and cuddly
    the merry Strolch so cute
    and in the evening a play of skat
    which dad so adored!

    Hanns and Walter may be loathed
    who played the third man
    and again good-bye
    with you it just was all to nice!

    Wilhelm and Trude into the Stammbuch!
    Christmas 1847 from the parents

    Gertrud Luyken

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