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  • Ludwigshafen, 21.6.2006

    Letter from Trude Luyken on 22.12.1915 to her father, Hermann Luyken
    (11 years old, Hermann's birthday - World War I)

    Vohw. d. 22.XII.15.

    Dear Pepp!
    Ha!, today it was an amusement!!
    All afternoon long from 13:30
    until 18:30 I rode sled
    you won`t believe how nice it
    was! - Because here it snowed a lot
    and it got pretty icy. When I
    came out of school and had eaten
    I fetched one, two, three the sled
    from the cellar and swished out
    and looked for tracks, I tested
    them one after another where it
    went best and thought it
    swished best on Friedrich Street.
    There I arrived at a nice
    adress! When I was merrily sweeping
    a boy came behind me
    hold me, scrubbed me and
    gave me a nudge so that I toppled.

    I said: "They are well mannered!"
    Mr. Leonhard came behind me
    and said: "You are right,
    they are such raw rascals, yesterday
    a boy toppled my hat away."
    A boy came running
    and said while showing
    his glove: "Is this
    yours, Mr. ___...?" He
    answered "Yes, the kids are
    at least useful for something
    But every week I loose a
    pair of gloves!"-- Then
    the boys went home and
    I really had fun.- I already
    am very excited about
    the day after tomorrow
    because it is Holy Night and
    we will get our presents! I
    almost forgot to congratulate
    you for Christmas.

    So I wish you a merry
    Christmas and congratulate you
    for your birthday at the same time.

    Best wishes and thick
    kisses from your daughter


    Gertrud Luyken

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