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Julie Hinsen (1869-1951)
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  • Ludwigshafen, 4.7.2006

    Last letter from Julie Hinsen to her daughter Gertrud Luyken 0n 5.2.1951

    On 5.2.51

    My dear Trudechild, I must
    write you a couple of lines on the feeling
    not to be able to do it for much longer. If
    we will see each other on wednesday again
    is in the hand of God, if it was in mine
    then certainly! I have such a strong longing
    that it seems to me it could not be fulfilled any more.
    So I thank you and your good
    Wilhelm again for all love and friendli-
    ness you have given me. If it
    is true a. it must be so, that all good a. bad
    gets back to the causer then you will not
    have it bad. This is my greatest
    wish and that you never retaliate bad with bad
    - t is better to forgive! You have
    given me a lot of sun on my last way,
    this sunshine will comfort you,
    should we not meet again.

    In deepest love yet a kiss!

    Your faithful mother.

    Julie Hinsen

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