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Julie Hinsen (1869-1951)
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  • Ludwigshafen, 5.7.2006

    Last letter from Julie Hinsen to her daughter Gertrud Luyken 0n 5.2.1951

    On 30.IV.50

    My beloved birthday child,

    a hearty greeting and the very best
    wishes for your new year!
    I crawled out of the nest to write you
    but head and hand are still not very willed
    to try. If only the dear sun
    would soon come and bring us fresh courage.!
    I wanted to present you with a bouquet? but
    who knows when it will be possible to be
    on the lookout for it. Would you be angry at me
    if I ask you to provide yourself with one? It is
    better like that, you will get something suited to your
    taste and I will be in unworried. Enclosed little banknote
    should provide for that, it was meant for that for long.
    Uncle Walter and Ruth just came in, they greet you
    and wish you the best for your birthday with all their hearts.
    Mr. Hesh is since yesterday again in Haan, the physician tries
    his best to succed without operating. Poor
    Hesch!- Now I wish Wilhelm a. you very sunny
    days and a lot of happiness a. greet you in heart deep love

    With a birthday kiss
    your (you very much missing)
    l. mother

    Julie Hinsen

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