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Ludwigshafen, 15.11.2009

Johann Sujer, Generation 13, Ref.Nr. 13-064cs2 (BK1496)

Father: Johann Sujer
Mother: Anna Rech

Born: 2.7.1952 in Edigheim near Heidelberg (Germany)

Occupation: Fireman

Spouse: Elisabeth Luyken
Married: 6.1.2006 in Germersheim (Germany)

Picture Gallery Johann Sujer

Edingen, ca. 1956
Domestic butchering (pork)
Johann far right front
With parents and siblings

Edingen, ca. 1956
Family picture
Parents and great-parents
Johann in the middle

Edingen, ca. 1957
With relatives from USA and Canada
Johann front at right

Edingen, ca. 1957
Johann and brother Josef playing

Edingen, ca. 1957
Franz and Johann in the parent's garden

Edingen, ca. 1958
Franz, Johann, brother-in-law Ludwig and Andreas

Edingen, ca. 1964
First Communion.
With the family at the parents' house

Edingen, ca. 1965
Celebration with the family
Johann front middle

Heidelberg?, ca. 1965
Josef and Johann during a Sunday excursion

Edingen, ca. 1965
Wedding of the eldest sister
Annemarie with Ludwig.
At the parents' house
Johann second from right

Edingen, ca. 1965
With siblings and friends of the parentsn
Johann front right

Edingen, 1968
Picture for the driving license

ca. 1972

Nagold, 1973
Military service.
Parachuting batalion

Edingen, 1975
Brother Stefan and Johann

Vacation in Romania
At the airport

Eppelheim near Heidelberg
ca. 1984
Sister Annemarie, wife Waltraud,
parents and Johann

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