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Kurt Lehwald (1889-1964)
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  On Kurt Lehwald:

Ludwigshafen, 27.3.2009

Kurt Julius Gustav Edmund Lehwald, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-087 (BK1594) Branch WA EL

Father: Max Lehwald
Mother: Hedwig Berring

Spouse: Martha Oechelhaeuser

Erika Lehwald (1920-1991)
Ruth Lehwald (*1922)
Ursula Lehwald (*1924)
Fritz Lehwald (*1926)
Lore Lehwald (1928-1929)

Born: 2.7.1889 in Koblenz (Germany)
Died: 27.5.1964 in Kassel (Germany) (Age: 74 years)

Married: 30.9.1919 in Rheydt (now Mönchengladbach, Germany)

Occupation: Police captain and teacher at the police school in Hildesheim (Germany)

Biography Kurt Lehwald

Kurt Lehwald first was officer at the Royal Army, then he was at the police. He had to leave in 1937 after problems with the SS and was assigned defense commissioner in several armament workshops.

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