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Alfred von Beckrath (1901-1978)
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Ludwigshafen, 12.1.2008

Alfred von Beckrath, Generation 11, Ref.Nr. 11-035s (BK1321)

Father: ?
Mother: ?

Spouse: Ilse Kämper

Born: 4.10.1901 in Hagenau (Alsacia) (then Germany, now France)
Died: 7.1.1978 in Munich (Germany) (Age: 76 years)

Married: 12.11.1942 in Munich (Germany)
Separated: 1951
Occupation: Compositor

Biography Alfred von Beckrath

Alfred von Beckerath was a German composer and conductor.

From 1920 to 1925 he studied music science and composing in Frankfurt on the Main (Germany), Freiburg in the Breisgau and Munich at the Academy for Tonal Art. Among his teachers were Max Reger and Joseph Haas.

After finishing his studies he was conductor in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. After World War II he lead the "Youth Theater" in Munich. During the 1950's he assumed the direction of the Ingolstadt City Theater.

Alfred von Beckerath was a prolific composer. His work includes mainly symphonies, concerts, cantatas, chorals as well as sonatas and operas. It is impregnated with classical compositional patterns.

In 1951 he was honored with the Music Promotional Price of the City of Munich.

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