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Heinrich Luyken (1864-1947)
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Ludwigshafen, 04.02.2019

Heinrich August Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-171 (BK1175) Branch A-Hein

Born: 10.12.1864 in Altenkirchen (Germany)
Died: 21.9.1947 in Amersham (England) (Age: 82 years)

Occupation: Trader in London, author of esperanto literature

Father: Heinrich Luyken
Mother: Aline Griesbach

Spouse: Alice Newbon
Married: 9.2.1892 in London-Islington (England)

Henry Luyken (1892-1955)
Alwine Luyken (1894-1908)
Cyril Luyken (1895-1964)
Reginald Luyken (1902-1985)

Biography Heinrich Luyken

Heinrich went to grammar school in Düsseldorf (Germany). 1885 he emmigrated to great Britain and became an English citizen. 1904 he learnt Esperanto and soon began propagating it. He was a novel writer and evangelist. His books are an important contribution to Esperanto literature before World War II. His faith is reflected in his work. In his novels the mean character is a tortured heretical soul who is saved by his simple faith at the end.
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His novels
• Paŭlo Debenham
• Mirinda amo
• Stranga heredaĵo
• Pro Iŝtar

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