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Antonie Luyken (1876-1886)
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  On Antonie Luyken:

Ludwigshafen, 2.1.2009

Antonie Luyken, Generation 10, Ref.Nr. 10-070 (BK0930) Branch WB-O

Father: Otto Luyken
Mother: Hulda Hassel

Born: 16.5.1876 in Hemmern (Germany)
Died: 11.3.1886 in Brilon (Germany) (Age: 9 years)

Letters Antonie Luyken

Dienstag den 2. Febr. 1886

Dear Dad!

I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you lots of luck and blessings also. Are you all still doing fine and healthy? We are both, we are doing well and are healthy. The night before last one as we were lying in sweet rest it suddenly started to lighten and thunder so hard that we thought Siebert's house would have collapsed. And I also dreamed in the same night that our house would burn down but I already had saved everything.

I greet you

Your Antonie Luyken

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