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Johan Dusart (1657-1706)
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  On Johan Dusart:

Ludwigshafen, 28.7.2007

Johan Dusart, Generation 4, Ref.Nr. 04-001s (BK1648)

Father: ?
Mother: ?

Spouse: Catharina Luyken

Son (1687-1687)
Johannes Dusart (1687-1688)
Catharina Magdalena Dusart (1689-1696)
Johanna Maria Dusart (1691-1692)
Johannes Dusart (1693-1716)

Born: 1657 in Haarlem (Holand)
Died: 16.11.1706 in Wesel (Germany) (Age: ca. 49 years)

Married: 18.3.1687 in ?

Occupation: Since 20.6.1680 organist in Wesel

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• Probably related to Cornelis Dusart (German)
Page 7, Faculty for Huamnities, University of Utrecht (Dutch)
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